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25 February 2015 comment

New repository for bloat estimation queries

It’s been almost a year now that I wrote the first version of the btree bloat estimation query. Then, came the first fixes, the bloat estimation queries for tables, more fixes, and so on. Maintaining these queries as gists on github was quite difficult and lack some features: no documented history, multiple links, no doc, impossible to fork, etc.

New repository

I decided to move everything to a git repository you can fork right away: There’s already 10 commits for improvements and bug fixes.

Do not hesitate to fork this repo, play with the queries, test them or make pull requests. Another way to help is to discuss your results or report bugs by opening issues. This can lead to bug fixes or the creation of a FAQ.


Here is a quick changelog since my last post about bloat:

In conclusion, do not hesitate to use this queries in your projects, contribute to them and make some feedback!

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