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16 June 2011 comment

phpPgAdmin 5.0.2 in Debian unstable !

Today, Christoph Berg has uploaded a new version of the phpPgAdmin package to the Debian unstable branch. This package is based on the latest version of phpPgAdmin: 5.0.2.

This story starts around another beer during the PGCon2011. I was talking with Dimitri Fontaine about the status of the PostgreSQL’s Debian repository driven by our community. I explained him how bad was the situation about phpPgAdmin’s package that was stuck at the 4.2.3 version for all debian like distributions. Because of that, we received a bunch of bug reports, comments and mails about things we already fixed in new versions.

As Dimitri is working with Christoph on the PostgreSQL Debian repo, he gave me his email address telling me that, as an official Debian developer, he could probably help me. After some discussion about me becoming the official package maintainer, it seems Christophe finally did the package pretty quickly and added himself as co-maintainer of the project.

In conclusion, I’m glad to see a new package maintainer for our PPA package and I’ll do my best to help him on this purpose. Thank you to Christoph and Dimitri!

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