Leonardo's project has been accepted for the GSoC 2011 today !

Knowing a bit Leonardo, I'm sure he will make everything possible to finish this project, or going as far as he can. One thing to keep in mind about leonardo and that I learned a bit late last year: as a Brazilian student, he was actually still studying at school while working for the GSoC 2010 !

Moreover, Leonardo kept sending some small comments and contributions out of the GSoC during the year. This is in my opinion the best thing about the GSoC: making students meet some FOSS communities, get used to it, team working and turning them into real new contributors.

...but this year, he will have two mentors to convince ! Both Andreas Scherbaum and me will tutor Leonardo on this project, helping him and discussing the code on ppa-dev and irc://irc.freenode.net/#phppgadmin.

It will be the first contributions of Andreas Scherbaum to PPA and I'm really looking forward having some fresh eyes and manpower on the project !